About Us

Peter and Elena Schlyder started out with a small accommodation complex in Logan Central back in 2010.

Elena was responsible for realestate side of the business and Peter looked after the maintenance and general running of the property.

Soon after starting the work Elena realised a lot of tenants were unable to pay rent even though some were on pensions. After investigating several cases it was clear that tenants had little or no support available to them. Elena sourced available supports at that time (pre-NDIS) and the tenants began flourishing in their daily living lives.

In a mean time, Peter handled all maintenance for the whole property and eventually a basic pensioners accommodation complex was converted into a registered supported accommodation complex.

After few years Peter and Elena expanded into the Ipswich area and settled in for good.

Earlier on we decided that our supported accommodation must be of a standard where we ourselves would be happily live. We did not want it to be a traditional hostel. We believe that everyone deserves their own space. We are very proud to be able to provide a completely non-shared accommodation at both properties.

Our Team

Peter Schlyder

An excellent handyman, wannabe golfer, part time yachtsman, will leave you in stitches from laughter and is skilled at motivating people.

Elena Schlyder

Has a degree in dramatic arts, can play piano, great cook and can teach you how to make something out of nothing, strongly believes that anyone can achieve anything they want.